Looking to Improve Website Sales Performance? Try timetoreply

In small and medium sized businesses the sales team can be the one that makes or breaks the company; these are the people – from the agents on the road to those manning the office – who are responsible for turning enquiries and leads into actual sales, and you need to know they are operating at their best. One of the most important areas of sales conversions lies in quick lead response management; research has shown that you are seven times more likely to convert an enquiry into sales if you reply Fast within an hour. So how do you monitor your response times?

This is where timetoreply comes into the picture; created and designed for use by small to medium sized businesses, timetoreply is a sophisticated analytical tool that allows you to monitor responses from individual email boxes, team emails, online web enquiries and more, and to produce accurate and comprehensive reports on a wide range of areas of sales performance like how to measure response time. It can show you which members of your team are performing better than others, and allows you to implement changes in operating procedure to improve performance. With such a powerful tool on board you are able to keep one step ahead of the competition.

Furthermore, timetoreply can display current response times on your website, so that visitors know they will be attended to quickly. This sort of information is very welcome in a world where quick responses mean the business is likely to go to those who respond first, and adds a trust element for prospective clients. Affordable and cost effective, timetoreply can help increase your sales conversions by an often impressive amount, and for a surprisingly low investment can transform the way your business operates. Get in touch mow for more information on this vital and unmissable business tool.