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There is something special about a thatch roof; this traditional and attractive method of roofing is becoming popular once more in South Africa, thanks in no small part to the excellent insulation and affordable costs. Thatching is very much an art, one that has been practiced for many centuries, and it pays to make sure you get a professionally finished job. At Thatch Roofs Bloemfontein, providers of high quality thatching services in and around the city, you are assured of a perfect result every time, thanks to their expertise across a wide range of thatching services.

Experts in the creation and installing of quality thatched  roofs, Thatch Roofs Bloemfontein offers services including thatch roof maintenance bloemfontein plus repairs to those that have been damaged, as well as thatch roof tiles and essential fireproofing, which is a must for any building with thatch on top. They can also help you to design a bespoke thatch roof for either an existing or new building, meaning you get a genuinely unique finish to your home. Long-lasting and very impressive, thatch roofs enhance any home building in a way that no other can emulate.

With competitive prices and a promise of only the very best materials, plus a choice of thatch roofing including African Thatch, Thatch Roofs Bloemfontein is the place to go for your required result. A professional service, with a friendly team on hand, thatch roofs dan pienaar will help with your enquiries, you can get in touch by email for a quick response, or fill in the online request form and receive a quick no obligation quotation. Thatch roofs are a wonderful way of emulating a traditional method of construction, and will keep you warm and protected from the elements while adding great looks to your home.

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